PORTER - A More Civilized Way to Travel

Those racoons sure know what they're talking about! Porter Airlines is definitely the best way to get around these days, and I'm glad I chose them for my flight to Thunder Bay! Starting off our trip early in the morning on public transit (St. Catharines Transit -> GO Bus -> GO Train -> TTC) could have been a nightmare if we were trying to get to Pearson Airport.  However with a simple connection at Union Station to the Porter shuttle and a quick ferry ride we were into the airport in a third of the time it usually takes to get on a flight.  The terminal is bright and airy, simple to navigate, with a great view of the Toronto skyline.  The lounge  has  interesting aesthetics, comfortable semi-private seating and features a complimentary snack bar and wireless (not that I noticed much during my mad dash).  Despite arriving at the airport fairly late with a large number of temperature sensitive plants, we easily made it through security and onto the plane, as did all of our strange luggage.  
On board I recieved what I can only call genuine customer service, in a funny, friendly manner which was beyond helpful as flying makes me uncomfortable, dehydrated and headachy.  Its only a short flight so we didn't have a meal but beverages and snacks were served including tasty root vegetable chips, complimentary VQA wine and Steamwhistle beer - props for the healthy, local selections!  It sounds funny but my favourite part were the little waterbottles with a raccoon snorkeling!  I'm buying right into your marketing Porter, the raccoons are awesomely cute!!  From Blue Mountain to Mt. McKay, I almost enjoyed this flight - which is about as close as I'm ever gonna get to liking flying, and it sure beats spending a day and a half on a Greyhound Bus!
As I prefer to write blog posts that focus on positive experiences I have instead of trashy complainy ones about my bad experiences, I will simply say this:  My return flight on Air Canada through Pearson Airport was almost intolerable after my experience with Porter Airlines.  Discussing the differences in customer service would be like comparing apples and orangutans.  

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