Edible Interior Landscape

So.. it may be schoolwork.. but I'm pretty proud of this interiorscape design :)  Our Interior Landscaping assignment was to design the interiorscape for an office with instructions for the room dimensions, lighting, window exposure (roughly based on our Horticulture Dept Office) but free reign to change up the room use, plant material and design.  I, honestly, had way too much fun and spent a little bit too long doing this!  blush  Because I'm ultimately building a portfolio for organic urban agriculture I decided to make my design entirely out of edible plant material.  Given the light restrictions, I knew this would be a bold and challenging choice but I ended up pleasantly surprised how many dwarf fruits, edible flowers and herbs were possible!  I also went outside the box.. literally - not satisfied with round or square planters I used living walls, espaliered and dwarf trees, and combined the seating and planting area.  Check out my design below (click to enlarge and excuse the rough rendering, it was my first time working with the design program)


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