a walk in the old neighbourhood

I've lived in every corner of the province of Ontario, but the Bay St. area of Port Arthur, Thunder Bay was the first (and only as of yet) place that I truly felt at home.  I believe this is the epicentre of a vibrant, revitalized community and that vitality is contagious.  I'm on holidays from life so I'm not writing too much today, but I had to mention the highlights from my day because I miss this place so much.

  1. stroll through the Bay/Algoma district
  2. late breakfast at Thunder Bay Restaurant
  3. smoothie-to-go from Growing Season Juice Collective
  4. walk up Hillcrest park, slide back down, repeat
  5. internet and caffeine fix at Calico Coffee House
  6. early but deeeeeelicious dinner at Ruby Moon
  7. checked out Black Pirates Pub (new since I lived here last!)

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