pinapple sage / wild garlic pizza

We make homemade pizza just about every day in our house... but surprisingly it doesn't get tiring.  We make incredibly diverse pizzas but I think this one might just win for most unusual.  Going for a twist on the traditional hawaiian pizza and making use of some herbs I had just harvested we had a great combo but unfortunately I didn't get a picture because we ate it up too fast!

Mash up the following ingredients into a pesto-like paste:
- handful of wild garlic shoots (or a couple cloves of crushed garlic)
- bunch of pineapple sage
- lots of walnuts (I ground these up before putting them in)
- some olive oil to your preference for taste/consistency

Spread that mix over the pizza dough as a base then top with:
- ground pork
- crushed pineapple (we used tinned, but I bet fresh would be better)
- grated mozzarella and cheddar cheese

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