spicy red pepper birds nests

Inspired by the Wok challenge on tonight's Top Chef finale, I broke out my electric wok (not as good as the authentic flame top ones, but oh well!) and put a bundle of my garden peppers to use.  First selecting smaller diameter peppers in a variety of colours, I sliced them into thin circles and lightly fried them in some chili oil then sat them aside for later.  Next, I fried up some shrimp with chili flakes and red pepper powder, also sittng them aside for later.  Lastly I filled the wok 1/3 with water (leaving the spice and oil residue in the wok) and added vegetable stock once the water was boiling.  I was thinking of noodles, but I found vermicelli birds nests in my cupboard!  
I sat the nests gently into the bottom of the wok, being careful not to break up the nest form and lightly simmered until they were just barely soft.  I fished them out with a kitchen skimmer but you could use a slotted spoon or anything else you have handy.  The nests can be served either in the bottom of a bowl topped with the peppers, shrimp and broth as a soup or on a plate without the broth!

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