cloth shopping bag up-cycle

I have a million re-usable shopping bags floating around my house now and a shortage of fabric so I figured I'd put them to good use.  Using a flower template by the author of Sweater Surgery (a book I take out constantly from the library) I cut out flower shapes of varying sizes from a white cotton bag and a two blue/black heavier canvas-y bags.

The white cotton flowers were used to cover up an NHL Draft logo on an otherwise very cute black v-neck shirt that my dad gave me a while ago.  You can still sorta see the logo from one side, but I think its much less obvious than a solid patch-job.  I also gave my sewing machine a workout trying the various types of stitching (I recently had it repaired).

From the heavier bag's cloth I made a cute little pillow with black flowers.  Since I only have white thread at the moment I sewed everything up and then used blue and black sharpies to disguise my white thread!  It actually turned out just fine :)

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