repurposed jeans: utility apron

I saw this great idea for repurposing jeans into a utility apron and I figured I'd give it a shot.  I have a ton of pants with no ass pockets (stupid girl pants) and I wear skirts alot in the summer while I'm tending to my rooftop plants.  This apron looked great for holding my trowel, secateurs, plant tags etc!  I'm generally happy with how it turned out except that as the jeans I made it from were too small the waistband sits high and tight on my waist. I'll probably cut that out and make a belt so it can sit lower on my hips. 

Step one: cut out the section of jeans (ass and side pockets)
and strips of a matching or contrasting fabric.

Step two:  finish cut edges with "bias" / ribbon edge
(great instructions here)
I find my straightening iron to be a handy tool for this step
Step three:  stitch closed any cut pockets and
patch/decorate any worn sections
Step four: TADA!

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