Dear Car: Happy Birthday!

I have a confession to make.  Even though I advocate for transit, and commuted 45min each way by bicycle while living in Toronto... having grown up in the suburbs and rural areas of Ontario... I. Love. Driving.  I mean, I do long for the day that I find a sufficiently green vehicle that this pastime of mine becomes something I can enjoy again instead of a guilty pleasure or semi-enjoyable commute, but either way I have to admit now that I'm living in a car based area again, I'm not terribly upset that I get to spend time behind the wheel.

Back to the story at hand - I was driving down the QEW from Hamilton to Niagara when I saw that the mileage (kilometerage?) was getting near the quarter million mark.  It isn't actually my car (it's my mum's) but I learned to drive in it and she very kindly lends it to me for great lengths of time when transit isn't practical or my dad is out of town.  So I felt special that I happened to be driving when it happened haha  Being easily excited I decided to pull off and drive slowly along the service roads so I could stop and take a picture at the precise moment it clicked over.

The car is a 2003? Acura 1.7EL, essentially a version of the 7th generation Honda Civic created specially for the Canadian market.  Now, I know because I live in Canada and drive by the metric system the 250k kilometers isn't as impressive as 250k miles would be in the U.S.  However, 250 000 anythings from a  vehicle these days is indeed a remarkable feat.  I have these crazy pipe dreams of getting this car up to the mind boggling milage marks quite a few Honda owners seem to have reached: I was entertained by Million Mile Joe's awkward but feelgood parade and this guy is catching up quickly, with 750k+ miles on a 2006 Honda Civic in just 5 years.

So, Dear Car:  Happy Birthday!
Even though its official & you're old, ♥ you!

Have some flowers...

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