navy bean dijon tuna salad

I can't believe how many of my friends live on ramen noodles or other junk food claiming they're too broke to eat well.  A tin of tuna, can of beans and head of garlic is probably the same as a few takeout hamburgers.  The flavoured tuna is great on toast/sandwiches (or just with a fork!) and takes less time to prepare than noodles!  I'm into exams now and need good food to power my brain and fuel my all nighters. 

This quick 3 ingredient salad is full of protein and fills you up in a healthy, inexpensive way.
      -170 g can tuna (protein, Vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids)
      -1 1/2 c navy beans (starch, protein, dietary fibre, iron, potassium)
      -a few cloves crushed garlic (antibacterial, antioxidant, reduce cholesterol)
Mix these three ingredients with 1 1/2 tbsp of Classic Vinaigrette  
(3/4 c olive oil, 3 1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1 tbsp dijon mustard - blend and refrigerate in glass container, use as dressing)

Seafood Watch says tuna is a species with a moderately healthy population and strong management worldwide.  Although B.C. Pacific white tuna would be the "Best Choice", it can be more expensive and hard to find.  For students on a budget: worldwide wild-caught white and light tuna is a "Good Alternative" - just make sure the label says Albacore or Skipjack and has a dolphin friendly or bycatch-reduction label.

I try to stick with Clover Leaf tuna because they are a Canadian company with a strong, scientifically based sustainability policy; a waste reduction policy; and a good description of their process from sea to can


  1. Awesome! I am totally going to make this!

  2. Let me know how it turns out Heather! Also - its really easy to customize by using flavoured tuna or adding any ingredients you have on hand... enjoy :)