sunset blend rice

I spent all morning shopping for yummy stuff with my mum.  The market is my main source of food - we had a great lunch lentil soup and falafel wraps from Tonami's, my mom picked up some yummy looking chili sauce, and I got some fresh produce including huge Ida Red apples!  But today's overall hilight: cheese bagels!  The market is great, but you simply can't get everything there and the other place I rely on for food is often overlooked as a regular grocery stop: Bulk Barn (or other bulk food stores).  Shopping in bulk is both eco-friendly economical for many reasons.  You don't pay for marketing or waste packaging, bulk foods are often less expensive, contain less preservatives, and come in a wider selection.  Storing bulk food in the pantry is very handy, and you have a very good idea and control over what ingredients you are consuming.

One of my favourite staple foods is a rice blend called Sunset Blend.  I cook it in vegetable stock to add flavour and its incredibly tasty both warm and cold!   It's available pre-mixed from Bulk Barn but you could easily use or customize the following list of ingredients to make your own blend:  Parboiled medium rice, lemon garlic orzo pasta, sweet potato orzo pasta, Himilayan red rice, brown mustard seed.

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