Floral Class: Boutonniere

First floral design class of the semester today, and we made boutonnières - a floral decoration worn by men on the lapel of their jackets, typically for formal occasions.  The one I made for class marks was a smaller, traditional boutonnière like this example from my teacher's shop.  But near the end of class I gathered up some scraps to make a posie (small finger bouquet) inspired by Victorian tussie-mussies and the Language of Flowers.

This little tussie-mussie has lovely symbolic meaning, and since I'm giving it to myself I should take the hidden messages to heart :)  If you'd like to make your own boutonnière - there's some great instructions in this Brides Daily article!  And for tussie-mussie instructions - click on over here!

(from back to front) 

  • Heath (Salal Leaf) - solitude
  • Fern - sincerity
  • Statice - loyalty
  • Pink Rose - happiness, joy of life, energy
  • White Chrysanthemum - love, truth, sincerity

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