The Business of Being ME

First day back to school after the break, and already I'm going bonkers.  I have to take "Business&Sales" followed by "Organizational Leadership Skills" with teachers who have a completely different outlook, approach and especially business ethics than I do.  I want to grow things and feed people.  I'm not naive and I'd like to make enough to live the life I've become accustomed to .. but money, sheer profit, is simply not my driving factor.
I was wondering how I'd ever make it in "business" so it was incredibly great to see this video when I got home...

..........it is still possible to be a pioneer!

I think the most important lesson I took from this video was: Know the rules, so you know how to break them! But also know which essential rules should never be broken.  I might not enjoy these business classes, but I should (teaching quality is a whole 'nother debate LOL) be able to take away the fundamental rules of integrity and responsibility.  Otherwise I'll just be making a list of what I disagree with, so that I have a list of what not to do WINK

The Hartleys (Craig as well) have been an inspiration to me for many years, the summer camp they ran, Centauri, was an absolute refuge to me allowing me to blossom into my true self.  They also gave me a first taste of adventure and travelling when our theatre troupe toured Scotland!  Just when I was starting to lose motivation in my idea of starting a small business, Julie was able to inspire me again -- thank you :)

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