Cyclamen aka "Poor Man's Orchid"

I've never been a huge fan of Poinsettias, red is my least favourite colour and I think the plants themselves are overdone.  So when it came time to choose our winter flowering greenhouse crops my choice was simple: anything but Poinsettias.  I didn't know much about Cyclamen when I started but I've come to think they make better seasonal flowering plants than Poinsettias, which look out of place immediately after Christmas.  If you're interested  in the technical details of how we grew them, you can check out this post.  After months of tending to and obsessing over strange upside down blooms .. I just couldn't help myself and brought home a few for myself!  With fine heart shaped foliage and bright, unique flowers, these tuberous perennials bring fresh colour and cheer indoors during the dreary winter months.  Perhaps the very earliest of spring blossoms, Cyclamen flower right through January, February and into March.  Their native woodland habitat makes them perfect houseplants - the Victorians loved and cultivated them for their tolerance of indirect light and cool temperature.  Cyclamen require little care: a moderately humid environment, do not like wet leaves and prefer to dry out between waterings.

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