Flavours of the Biosphere

At this time of year, many people think its difficult to find local, fresh, flavourful food .. but I disagree!

I'm so glad I was directed to this video today :)  It features flavours from the Escarpment Biosphere Reserve that are perfect for this mid-winter season!  The ingredients for the hearty Sweet Potato Soup (click for recipe) are all hardy or root vegetables, still available at the farmers market, or in your root cellar if you planned ahead!

As for the bell peppers, have you ever seen that long range of greenhouses as you pass through Vineland Station on the QEW?  Well inside St. David's Hydroponics is a warm, humid, sunny almost tropical environment suited for the brightly coloured bell peppers growing within :) a perfect thought to brighten up this dreary winter feeling.  They produce millions of tasty fresh local peppers and eggplants year round right here in our backyard!  Maarty Hendriksen, the grower featured in the video, is a great spokesperson for the sustainable, healthy and innovative ways that this large hydroponic greenhouse is operating within our environment and community.

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