mmmmm pineapple sage

I picked up a Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans - isn't that such a lovely latin name?) Sunday at the NC Greenhouse.  Since I just wrote a lab report on the effects of container size on water retention/drainage I decided to put it into a deep narrow container to encourage some vertical root growth before I transplant it into its larger summer container.  I had a mouldy Niagara College travel mug lying around, so I stole the plastic sleeve off the outside of it which makes a perfect container complete with pre-drilled drainage hole!  The clear sides mean I can easily monitor the roots and watch for water buildup that could cause mould :)  I will be so happy if this one grows as large as the one last year!  Of course Mr. Maniac Cat is waiting in the background ready to snack the split second I look away... grr - the pests inside are worse than outside! 

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