edible flower salads

When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization. - Daniel Webster  And in my opinion, farmers markets are the foundation of any strong community, a cornerstone for alternative thinking and a good source for creativity.  It's been lovely to visit different markets and draw inspiration from unusual and unique stuff I've never seen before, but I'm happy to be home in my community with vendors that feel like neighbours selling produce and products that I enjoy playing with.
I picked up two bags of crisp fresh lettuce today to compliment a number of edible flowers that need harvesting from my garden.  #1: A tangy colourful assorted leaf mix, combined with red and orange nasturtiums and topped off with poppyseed dressing for a sharp peppery wake up your mouth salad.  #2: crunchy iceberg lettuce with yellow broccoli flowers (much milder still distinct raw broccoli taste), sunflower seeds and strawberry vinagrette for a mild, sweet, chillin in the afternoon salad.

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