5 minute lamp makeover

Another one of those items I've carted around on each move from apt to apt is a great tall Ikea tube lamp.  The only reason I've kept it this long is that it has a really convenient step button to turn it on and off which is fantastic when your arms are full of stuff, as mine often are!  The paper shade was battered and burnt, the bottom ring had fallen off entirely but the internal metal structure was perfectly fine so... I stripped all the paper off and started again!  I measured across the metal circles at the top and bottom of the lamp to find the diameter of the lamp then multiplied that by "pi" to find the circumference.  Then I measured from top to bottom of the lamp to find the height.  I cut a piece of fabric in these dimensions (plus 1" hem allowance) from a translucent fabric, sewed it into a tube and stapled it onto the top and bottom supports of the lamp.  Quick and simple solution to keep a lamp I love!

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