rattie beds

I haven't used commercial litter products for my rats in ages, they mostly get shredded newspaper but even though its recycled and compostable the ink gets on my babies feet and the bits of paper fall out of the cages all over the floor.  Also shredding whole broadsheets is a pain.  So... I made a fabric liner that can be changed out and washed every couple of days keeping both the cage and my apartment fresher.  This fabric liner is the dimension of the bottom of their cage with lots of tunnels and cozy spaces to cuddle into!  The yellow base fabric is one big pocket that can be stuffed with newspaper, the blue tunnel has fabric inside to sneak through, the purple felt pocket is a smaller cozy sleep pocket, the brown tunnels are treat pockets, just narrow and long enough to make a fun game and finally the striped ruffles cover the seams and make a great chew/rip/shred toy.  Alice and Bella had a whole bunch of fun exploring all their new spaces!

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