Grace Bonney (@designsponge) twittered this morning about an interesting design website: Pantone's Colorstrology.com  I'm not usually one for horoscopes, and the text part of this website was just like that - so broad they could apply to anyone.  But I did love the aesthetic appeal of assigning a colour to each day of the year.  I looked up my birthday (Aster Purple) and today's date (Elderberry) which are both really charming, a bit ethereal and not colours I'd usually choose to work with.  The main words associated with the Aster Purple were unusual, instinctive yet rational and the main words for Elderberry were: refined, poetic with a highly aesthetic nature.

Instead of taking these associations literally I used the colours and words to inspire my choice of flowers at the farmers market today!  The Aster Purple inspired by my birthday was the first thing I spotted (instinctive) and not the typical daisies or roses that were also available (unusual).  When I displayed them I made a very simple bunch in a few clear jars (rational) but then tipped one jar on an angle (unusual).  Elderberry was also a great inspiration both conceptually and in colour.  I chose flowers with very fine textures (highly aesthetic nature), a hydrangea with a quiet elderberry colour but opulent association (refined) and muted grey-greenery for some slightly whimsical contrast (poetic)

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