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frustrated by Hipsters invading your neighbourhood?  make fun of them with LEGOs!

The Riverside Cafe has quickly become the trendy place in Legoville!  It all started with an iPhone snapshot of a hipster songwriter peddling his mixtapes making it into LeGO, y'know that rag that everyone reads on the metro.  The article was seen by an extreme sport video producer who wanted to use the cafe and the rocks across the river as the location for his next video shoot.  The one of a kind extreme scooter meet brought hundreds of SLR wielding fans to capture the action.  The star happened to be an attractive young local waitress which made for great feel good summer filler, so all the national glossy mags picked up the images.  Vogue also picked up another shot from LeGO of one of the scooter guys' trendy girlfriends standing on the roof wearing a black mens bob.

All the media attention was enough to pack the place on weeknights, prompting the cafe to run a series of cheeky and well recieved advertisements.  The ones downtown featured a pretentious hipster wearing a parody of the hair that first made the place famous and an ironic sherrif's badge lying contemplatively on the roof of the cafe, while the ones run in the commuter corridors feature tongue in cheek messages about staying downtown to find a relaxing outdoor setting instead of rushing off to the gridlocked suburbs.
Update: the Riverside Cafe ad campaign has once again made it into LeGO when protesters across the city painted one corner of the billboard, covering up the Octan logo on a model's chest.  Riverside Cafe representatives have responded to say that the photos were taken during the extreme biking challenge, that the scooterist was wearing his sponsors clothing, and the choice of shirt was not made by anyone affiliated with the cafe.

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