Seed Sprouting

All the seeds that I planted last week are starting to sprout now!  At this point in their life they are very tender.  Bottom heat is still necessary regularly - In my house I have conveniently large Victorian air vents, so my seeds are spread out across the floor, but the tops of radiators, refrigerators, front loading dryers and any other warm appliances are good (if risky) spots!  I mist them with a spray bottle, ensuring everything is evenly damp but not wet - a watering can or direct stream of water pouring in would be far too much.  Sometimes I sit the containers into a thin layer of water in the bottom of a tray, but only if they have dried out too much by accident.  Closing up the lid of the containers acts like a miniature greenhouse, but the seedlings need air circulation as well so I leave it open sometimes. Once the sprouts hit the "roof" its time for transplanting into individual containers :)

What you see sprouting: Tree and Twig Heirloom SeedsPerpetual SpinachSuehlihungNasturtiumsCherrybelle RadishesSSE Lettuce Mixture & more self-saved tomatoes!

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