Pre-Valentines Day Floral Class

One thing I'm learning in this Floral Design Class is that florists make a huge portion of their income around certain key 'holidays' - one being Valentines Day.  I'm not a huge fan of this commercially driven pseudo-holiday so I'm going to let you in on a few of the tips, tricks and secrets we learned today and hopefully you can save a few pennies next week while still surprising your significant other with flowers :)

#1 - unless you're really spending up, there's not much difference between this week's non-valentines floral arrangements and next week's other than colour.  Leading into Valentines day on Tuesday the daily colourful arrangements will often be discounted or less expensive than their red/pink/white counterparts.  Buy one of these and dress it up with one or two specially selected roses.  As long as the central flower in the arrangement is pink or red, you can get away with many other coloured flowers around the sides.  In fact, I think the contrasting lime and blue give it a bit of punch.  Red can get soooo boring!

#2 - florists stick a few decorations that they get in bulk for cheap and suddenly the arrangement is a few dollars more!  Again, just buy an ordinary arrangement and decorate it yourself.  The styrafoam heart spikes (front) were 5/$1 at the dollarstore, the red chenille heart (back) was even cheaper, made from a single piece of red pipecleaner I had around the house, bent into a heart shape!

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