Cedarway Floral (Beamsville)

Last year, just as the workload was getting to me .. I focused on the benefits of being a horticulture student. This year its even worse!  Our final year in Greenhouse Technology is by far the most work I've ever done in my life.  I'm up from day break to well after midnight most days - with class and practical work, growing crops, reading and researching, and a dizzying number of early morning field trips.  

Today, we had to be in Beamsville at Cedarway Floral's greenhouses before 8am to visit a grower, graduate of our program, which wouldn't be too bad if I hadn't been up all night finishing other homework.  eep!  Waking up in darkness day after day while its getting colder and wetter is challenging .. but when I stepped into the warmpth, light and colour of a Gerbera daisy production facility .. I realized things could be far worse :)  They grow over 50 varieties, in a rainbow of colours and the clear glass greenhouse let in all the sun as it rose.  Although I had to take notes and "learn stuff", it was a pretty lovely relaxing break from lectures.  Plus I took home a charming bouquet of dusty rose coloured minis!

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