Halloween Apothecary

#halloween is my favourite holiday!  I love spooky mysterious things, dressing up, dark nights and the chill of coming winter ooo0o0oooo I'll have any number of halloween crafts coming up over the next month but here's one of my favourites from last year .. and I just took the jars out of the cupboard for this year :)   
Using translucent label paper to mimic frosted glass, I printed menacing labels from Martha Stewart's free halloween clip art collection.  The common culprits in my kitchen masquerade as far more deadly concoctions: rock salt becomes Volcanic Rock Dust, baking soda transforms into its Cyanide counterpart, white cleaning vinegar stands in for a lethal "one finger" Gin cocktail and yes that's deadly dishsoap with the floating skull!

Here are the links to Martha's free clipart 
(I modified them slightly for my own uses)

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