Dressing your garden from head to toe with..

Hort Couture!  A fast growing plant brand I've been hearing about from my American garden blogging friends has now hit Canada with local greenhouse suppliers, JVK as the broker.  This line of branded plant products and genetics will available exclusively .. only to the independent, local growers and garden retailers!  What other brand can say that?
This display, a cute lil french cafe of a booth won best in show at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference, so clearly the branding is catching eyes.  You may or may not like the fashionista marketing that the brand first launched (I happen to) with "Runway Ready Grasses" and "Fashion Plate" pot trays .. but this year's line of "Under the Sea" is really unique and interesting.  I was also pretty impressed with the diversity of their Culinary Couture vegetable line.  There's something to be said for trialing and testing an exclusive line of novel genetics, then keeping them out of the hands of the big guys .. these plants are unique and proven regardless of what they're wrapped up in.

I'm not usually a huge fan of coleus but I'd certainly mix n match these three with their funny crustacean-esque names -- L to R: Molten Coral, Bone Fish & Langostino

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