Caravan Palace / Electro-swing

Today, along with 100s of others on the interwebs (thanks to reddit) I discovered Caravan Palace a Parisian electro-swing fusion ensemble.  I also found out that theres actually a genre for all the music I love .. big band brass, swing, jazz, charleston and jive with a speakeasy era flair all rolled up into one mixed up with modern, electronic beats accentuating bass rhythms and percussion breaks.  One commenter said it particularly wellSome groups decide to take old songs and spice them up with their own flavor while others create unique compositions, regardless of style these groups create something incredibly rhythmic and powerful that seems to emanate nostalgia for bygone days yet brings a sexy modern flair that will leave you tapping your foot for days.

Parov Stelar is one of the leading acts in this genre, but Caravan Palace is my particular favourite, especially since they met providing soundtracks to silent "racy" movies!  They do fit that silent movie, vintage era feel but with a modern remixed vibe.  The original track that sparked the discussion is a great one: the Jupiter remix from Caravan Palace's new EP Clash but I also love the video for their track Suzy -- it reminds me of Futurama meets Betty Boop!  The reddit post is most certainly worth reading, a great breakdown of the electro-swing genre and a whole bunch of really rad links :)

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