Deadly Delicacies

Last week I went back out to Linda (@treeandtwig)'s market heirloom farm to pick up seeds for our tomato research project but just in time for Halloween month she's got some treacherous, evil looking plants! oo00o0o0oooo 

Prickly punishing to pick Horned Melons (left) are also known as Hedgehog gourds for their hostile exteriors, but the lime green jelly coated seeds inside are worth the torment.  Then there's the treacherous, no, downright hazardous Morelle de Balbis (right) .. covered in thorns, the stems, the leaves, even the husks of the gory red fruits won't yield to harvest without drawing blood!

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  1. That's what those things (Horned Melons) are! I bought some a few years ago, and there was no sign saying what they were, I just grabbed all the neat fruit and brought it home. I've been searching for what they were, and the "squishy, snotty seedy fruit" description was not enough to figure it out. They are so good! They are really good in fruit salad, not just for taste, but a good replacement for juice/syrup in fruit salad. I love them!