This Weather is Giving Me A Headache

Here's a few I've found to (for me at least) quickly & effectively deal with headaches:
  1. Putting your feet in cool water diverts the blood supply from your head to your feet.  Bathe your feet in a basin of lukewarm water, then add hot water (optional: chamomile tea) every few minutes until it's as hot as you can stand. After soaking your feet for 5 minutes, pour in cold water until the temperature is back to being lukewarm.  Sit or lie down after as you may be dizzy.  
  2. Put a few drops of fresh lemon juice in a cup of black coffee or cola and drink it in small sips (not if headache is accompanied by nausea)
  3. Moisten a cloth with cold water, wrap around a bundle of rinsed peppermint leaves and alternately apply it to the eyes and neck each for about 15 minutes.

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