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Shannon Butcher asked a great question about magazine subscriptions, that stayed on my mind all day.  I do indeed subscribe to print magazines - there's something delightfully satisfying about opening your mailbox (usually just full of bills and junk mail) to find a glossy, colourful, photograph filled and tangible piece of printwork.  The internet is great for many things, but you can't feel it, smell it, tear out pictures and articles that you enjoy, flip thru it on the toilet (well I don't anyways, not being addicted to a crackberry) or use it as a coaster, flyswatter, sunshade.  I have always, and will always, subscribed to National Geographic - infact it is that same magazine that inspired me to become a phototographer, explorer and scientist and taught me that those three things (images, travel, science) often mesh together beautifully hand in hand.  In addition to that, my parents / grandparents always give me a magazine subscription for Christmas, though which one seems to differ year by year.  I also just adore the newsagents that have walls and walls and walls of glossy magazines, looking for covers that catch my eye and speciality titles that I never knew existed.

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