Photobooths (Real World)

I'm not talking about the iPad software .. I mean those coin-operated photo vending machines that used to be in every mall.  I have any number of these little passport sized photos from my childhood -- icons of fun times with best friends, lazy summer afternoons and Christmas holidays (basically the only times I ever entered malls) but as digital replaced film and cellphones could take pictures, the cult of the photobooth has died away.  To my delight, a friend informed me that the strange yet-to-be-renovated basement of Jackson Square had a photobooth, and off we skipped to find it!  Key to good photobooth pictures is a little bit of planning - we knew this one took 4 photos, and decided ahead of time what poses (stuck out tongue, kiss on the cheek, nice smile) that we were going for.  Success!  And for more photobooth culture:  http://www.photobooth.net/


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