Ampisound (@traceurelements)

Parkour (PK) - a discipline that conditions both the body and mind to overcome obstacles encountered with speed and efficiency - has been a slight obsession of mine since I first encountered the concept on a trip to Paris in 2000.  Bolstered by videos and encouragement from my friend Vince (a French national himself) we took to the rooftops of downtown Oakville and never looked back.  Though I'd hardly consider myself a "traceur" (derived from Parisian slang "tracer" which means "to hurry" or "to move quickly), my love of urban climbing and urban exploration has reinforced my interest in this unusual non-competitive sport, which I've followed with much interest over the years.  

I've kept an eye out for well made parkour (and more trick-driven FreeRunning) videos and today encountered Ampisound a website produced by Scott Bass and its accompanying youtube channel: traceurelements.  Together this collection of videos, photos, blog posts and online community capture the reasons behind the movements and give a wonderful window into the life and culture of parkour traceurs.  

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