Riding the Backroads

Yesterday was sickeningly hot .. EVERY road in the Hamilton / Niagara region was clogged with traffic after a truck fire at Fifty Rd. closed all lanes of the QEW.  The traffic backed up as far as the Skyway bridge, both service roads were basically parking lots and even HWY 81 (my usual alternate route through wine country) had slowed to a crawl.  Trying to get to St. Catharines on the motorcycle, without the benefits of a/c, a stereo or patience .. we were forced further and further away from the highway in search of a clear road -- finally, up the mountain, we found it!  Ridge Road: blessedly traffic free with a beautiful view of the entire region .. although it was way way way too hot to enjoy it.

So -- today being a much cooler, pleasant day suitable for am enjoyable motorcycle ride we took the same route back to Hamilton.  Heading out of Niagara we took King St. (hwy 81) to Thirty Road where a curvy jaunt up the escarpment took us to the smooth, gently winding, well paved, blissful stretch of road meandering through un-encroached farmland and terraced vineyards.  We cruised all the way past Ridge Road Winery to Devil's Punch Bowl which marks the end of Ridge Rd. and showcases a similar panoramic view, this one of the City of Hamilton and Burlington Bay.

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