Runway Inspired Thrift/Closet Outfits

I have a secret!  Even though I spend most of my time in dirty shorts, I really love fashion.  I love to dress up, I love to photograph clothing and I adore runway shows!  Its partially nostalgia for my dressup box and partially aesthetic interest but fashion shows are fabulous inspiration!  Its not that I want to perfectly emulate a particular designer (or rush out to buy their overpriced clothing)I've spent years combing thrift stores and garage sales for a whole palate of colours and selection of silhouettes, so I watch a whole variety of shows from Europe to right here in Toronto and then use the themes I see to decide what section of my extensive wardrobe will be featured, what I'll box up in storage and what's given away.   
I'm not a huge fan of summer so I start looking towards fall clothing very early!  Although some designers are still stuck on the pretentious boxy, 80s, garish hipster nonsense, most are starting towards a gorgeous trend of returning to organic forms.  And I don't mean pale green, eco-washed organics but what I think of as being more base elements: leather, fur, rawhide... the colours oxblood, pansy and buff... and a womanly 50s hourglass silhouette with wide hips and a bustline.  Some other trends that began last season and I think will continue are: mixed prints (patchword, paisley, plaid) and textures (velvet, knitwork); belted coats, shorts and capes/ponchos and ruffles on just about everything.  This basically sounds like someone describing my wardrobe so I figured I'd put together as many looks from my own closet as I could!

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