Envy Lounge

Between discovering my talents as a Drag Queen costume consultant and becoming comfortable and open with my gender identity / sexual orientation I've been making a whole bunch of new friends and hanging out in new places.  One place I've been spending quite a lot of time is the Envy Lounge!
My new friend Enzo is the (gay) owner/operator of this premier lifestyle lounge but he opens his doors to more than just gays and lesbians - anyone with an open and positive mindset is accepted and welcomed.  Operating as a cafe during the week, and a nightclub on weekends the Envy has been very successful in its first few years of operations, perhaps because Enzo's family are extremely supportive and already own some well established bars in the area.

The renovations are classy, gorgeous and tasteful - natural dark wood, bright green or rad B&W patterned walls and interesting steampunk-esque fixtures.  Upstairs is a quiet lounge all in black leather with a bigscreen TV and a fireplace and the fully-licensed patio outside is fresh and breezy but very private.  Great coffee (or so I'm told) and $3 drinks on Fridays, but my personal preference is to order off the colourful "martini" menu!

On weekends, the Envy is an absolutely packed rockin' pumpin' hotspot.  I don't think I've seen a better dance atmosphere (gay or straight) anywhere else in Niagara!  But with all ages nights, Brock PRIDE events, Kink/BDSM socials, a book club, a transgender support group, bingo night, pool tables and a great quiet upstairs lounge .. the Envy is far more than just a nightclub .. its the gathering spot for a great GLBTQ community that is blossoming in Niagara.

Located at 127 Queenston St in St. Catharines its important to note the entrance is from the parking lot which is around the corner on Haynes St (can be tricky to find)

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