In the same way some people say they've always known that they are straight/bisexual/lesbian/gay ... male/female/trans ... I've always known that I am none of those things, but identify with some aspects of each them.  Some days I am a sexy woman, a girly girl, a butch, a tomboy, a metrosexual guy or most recently a leather boi.


I had a very hard time figuring this out because I felt so strongly that I had this male side that was attracted to gay/bi men and straight women. But that was always a struggle because I'm also an undeniably female, girly girl who's attracted to heterosexual men and lesbian/bi women. I never really wanted to become a male entirely to or be identified as a transexual but I often felt like a boy and wanted to present myself as one.

Once upon a time I thought I'd have to pick just one and stick with it eventually, or that to identify as male I would have to somehow transition. Now I think I'll be celebrating all those identities and exploring more. Some days I wake up feeling like one or the other, but most days its a blend.

I'm not a transgendered person - I hate labels, but I prefer genderbender if you must. I am female and I have no plans otherwise but some part of me truly is a boy, and all aspects of me reject binary gender norms.

I don't feel gender or sexual orientation as a binary or even gradient - for me it really is fluid: you cannot step twice into the same stream  Its not a costume for me. I don't wear these genders, although I do dress up almost every day - my character choices reflect the gender that I feel at that particular moment. Although, I have also been known to engage in Genderfuckery for entertainment purposes ;) :P

I love straight men as a woman and gay men as a boy, I love straight women as a male and lesbian women as another girl or boi. I love bisexuals and transpeople... But what I love most is free spirited fluid people for whom I can be my whole blended self.

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