Campy Vamps

With all the Vampire stuff flying around right now (Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Wars) I thought I'd re-watch one of my favourite movies to remind myself why it is that I don't want to partake in the latest cultish followings.

What makes Interview With The Vampire a truly great movie is that its primarily a commentary on life, mortality, relationships and vices and only secondarily a "vampire movie"  With an air of larger-than-life realism, stunning cinematography and a storyline that transcends a few hundred years of history this movie is timeless and as watchable/relevant today as it was almost 20 years ago??  in 1994. True there are some undertones of homo-eroticism and the vampires both male and female are stunningly, inhumanly beautiful .. but they don't sparkle!

To me Twilight is a teen romance, thin on both plot and dialogue that just happens to have vampires and werewolves as the heartthrobs.  However the saga presents itself as the latest epic in a long history of vampire lore and it just simply isn't.  Its a well crafted marketing and merchandising ploy to grab the ideal consumer audience: teenage girls.  True Blood I might give a chance, because I'm a big HBO fan and absolutely adore Alan Ball's American Beauty and his first series: Six Feet Under.  Vampire Wars?  don't even get me started - the next person who sends me any of that Facebook garbage will be immediately unfriended.

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