Rye n Ginger - A Canadian Drink

My drink of choice has always been the unassuming, down to earth, simple Rye n Ginger .. but it wasn't until I ordered one of these in the company of an American friend and got into a bit of a discussion that I realized its another one of those "Canadian things"

Canadian whisky is referred to as rye, regardless of the content, a colloquial phrase leftover from the Prohibition era when Canadian whiskys did contain a large amount of rye.  Nearly impossible to screw up, this cocktail has a good balance of  alcohol and ginger tartness with the soda fizz to brighten it up.  Plus, there's a wide variety of  both ginger ales and  rye whiskys so a number of taste variations are possible.. my preference: Canada Dry & Canadian Club.  Refreshing!

Chilled in the Lake: Nature's Cooler

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