Papa Leo's

The Local ($5.99, pictured center ) is well-named considering this breakfast bistro's central location between the hospital and the Concession Street escarpment neighbourhood.  We were looking for a breakfast place up on the "mountain" (if you can call it that) and we found it in Papa Leo's Restaurant!  As always I prefer to support local businesses, especially ones that buy regionally themselves.  Leo himself encourages this in his restaurant - selecting produce direct from the Hamilton Mountain Farmers Market (just across the street) on Saturday mornings and supporting local fair trade /organic coffee importers Red Hill Coffee Trade.

My personal preference is for small portioned healthy meals, and my favourite dish is The Continental - fresh fruit, cottage cheese, toasted bagel, preserves ($6) along with any of their fruit smoothies.  But for someone with a larger appetite, the portions might not be enough - so order a side dish such as extra bacon or a fruit bowl :-)  As the girls from @beauxmondes_ point out in their own great review there are so many other options, from pancakes and french toast to refried bean topped corn tortillas

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