Side-Yard Cleanup

Gardening is Civil, and if I'm going to push the boundaries of urban agriculture, planting a food forest, a market garden and possibly a greenhouse, I probably should be, too.  I need the support of my landlord, my neighbours and my community.  If I am going to demand civil rights, I need to be a responsible citizen.

Civic virtue - habits showing high moral standards or being of use and importance to the wider community.  Our civil relationships with our neighbours and community members hinge not just upon our civil rights to political and social freedom and equality but also our civil responsibilities to maintain, support and give back to our civic society.

I'm starting at home, and trying to develop habits to keep the side-yard clean and tidy, even in the off-season when I'm not using the spot as a growing area.  I want the shared space to look better for my neighbours and show my landlords (who have been very supportive of my growing endeavors) that I respect their property :)

Today's list:
  1. Get rid of any trash, broken pots, recycle any loose or broken plastic (sit it aside until Friday's pickup)
  2. Get 3 separate green bins, one each for: household organics, plant material and soil
  3. Pour leftover clean soil into pots, shallow pool
  4. Sort & stack all pots -> shed or basement
  5. Sort & stack all market stands, chairs
  6. Stretch out frozen hose, run with water & recoil
  7. Sweep patio & jet wash if warm enough

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