Growing, Eating, Living - Vigorously!

Gardening wants Vigour - so I grow, at home.  Because having vitality and green growth nearby throughout the winter, motivates me to keep planning for vigorous growth outdoors in the spring.  Planting strong, vital heirloom seeds in the nooks and crannies of my home encourages me to save even more seed next year. Producing healthy, organic plants full of nutrition from just steps from my kitchen, encourages me to eat that way.  Even the lights themselves keep me happy and healthy in the winter, sitting under them offsets my seasonal depression giving me more energy and enthusiasm.
One of my grow lights is right inside large south-facing window so I can make the most of both natural and artificial light.  Here I start all the seeds and grow the widest range of plants - micro tomatoes, nasturtiums, individually potted herbs: thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary.  Then I transfer any larger volume crops down to the grow lights in my basement.  The lettuce you see right above, was grown hydroponically in a large rubbermaid storage buckets with an aquarium pump.  The lettuce seedlings below are all waiting to fill smaller running-water hydroponic troughs, I try to seed every few days or weeks for a constant supply of baby-leaf lettuce.  A few dozen of them will go into the larger hydroponic buckets to be grown out into full heads.  Herbs can tolerate growing fairly large in dense cell-pack flats, like the flat of parsley down at the bottom.  
Mostly though, what I'm trying to show - is that it can be done! and I'm happy to swap ideas :)

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