Growing outside the lines

Gardening wants the vigor and freedom of the OUTLAW - and that's where I see myself.

When I say outlaw, I don't necessarily mean criminal, more outlier or oddity.  I want to learn to live beyond or detached from the main systems of our society, be it physically living outside the civil grid or existing away from the constraints of a social group.  I am opposed to "law-and-order" notions of conformity and authority when bio/eco-logical civil liberties are at stake.  I need more gardening outlaw allies, to save seeds from biotech companies, to plant gardens instead of lawns, to make green spaces an integral part of our societal fabric and community lives, to grow vigorously and freely, to demonstrate civil disobedience in the form of front yard agriculture and back yard chickens.

I am, an Outlaw@Home.  

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