Star Dove Treats

Cassiopeia was showing me fabulous custom cakes made in the home bakery she assists her sister with: StarDove Treats "In the fall of 2010 my sister, Roxanne Green, began making custom cakes professionally after graduating from the Wilton School of Cake Decorating." A few months later Cassiopeia teamed up with her sister "We balance each other well; our different strangths make things easy."  I was browsing the incredible cake pictures on their facebook page when I stumbled upon something AMAZING ..!!

8/10/2011  6:27:48 PM  Kate ->  Cassiopeia
8/10/2011  6:28:02 PM  Cassiopeia -> Kate
  isnt it epic? that cake its 6 batches of brownies

CASSI: This is by far the neatest cake we've done yet! Princess Belle is 1.5 ft tall, SIX batches of brownies and took FIVE hours to bake. Doing this for a little girls first birthday was a stuggle and a half but the out come was more than worth it. We love new designs and have never turneddown a challege. 
(insert super hero pose that doesnt need to be in the blog)

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