Iced London Fog Float

This drink is a bit of a process, but totally worth it!   Before heading to a market that featured HomeTown Ice Cream .. I made a pot of London Fog -- Earl Grey tea steeped in steamed/frothed milk with vanilla syrup (or in my case, honey) and chilled it while I was at the market. From the lovely Alexa Fraser, a cup of Earl Grey Ice Cream (@HometwnIceCream) and when I got home I dropped a scoop or two into my iced London Fog.  Its like any other ice cream float and a really refreshing treat but also highly unusual .. in a good way!


  1. I've never heard anything like this and I am SO trying it this weekend!!

  2. Thanks Rebecca :) The London Fog is a Vancouver/Canadian thing that's made its way around the world! :) I've also heard of Starbucks calling the London Fog a "Tea Latte"