Back to School

This is hopefully my last "first day back to school" .. however terrifying that concept may be, I'm hoping to graduate in April.  Its been a very long, continuous journey for me -- and not always good!  Gr1 to Gr12 I went to St. Mildred's Lightbourn School, a private, all girls school which was an experience unto itself.  From there I went to Lakehead University where I spent 3 years rapidly switching majors (Outdoor Rec, Geography, Geology, Biology, Forestry, Environmental Studies, Natural Sciences) or dropping out to work more interesting jobs.  Skip ahead to September 2009, after two years off I started at Niagara College where I'm still studying and loving Greenhouse Technology.  That's the better part of 20 years going back to school in September!  I have no idea what its going to be like to leave that behind in April so I'm not rushing into it this year .. eep :)

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