Solid Perfume Pocketwatch

While I was in Muskoka I found all the ingredients I need for this Solid Perfume Pocketwatch craft recipe from DesignSponge!  I didn't want a "perfume" so much as a calming "scent" evocative of the heat, vibrance and smells of cottage country .. instead of the traditional essential oils I chose: Sweet Orange, Citronella and Cedarwood which together with the warm essence of beeswax remind me of summer fruits, natural mosquito repellent and cedar docks baking in the heat.  As long as I get the ratio right the scent should actually be quite well balanced -- high sweet notes from the orange, medium bright citrus notes from the citronella, lower warm notes from the beeswax and a grounding rich woody cedar base.  I'll keep you posted for how it turns out .. and a simple, no work, silver polishing trick! p.s. the Beeswax is from Lavender Hills Farm via the Gravenhurst Farmers Market :)

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