My pineapple sage plant grew HUUUUGE so I decided to make muffins but with the added flavor of pineapple sage for a gourmet twist.  I used a premade honey bran muffin mix, substituting a mixture of crushed pineapple, its juice and honey instead of the 1/2 cup of water called for in the mix instructions.  I also shredded an enormous handful (armful?) of pineapple sage and added it to the mix before baking.  They turned out surprisingly well, but fairly sticky.  Methinks the recipe still needs a little tweaking!  Also - I hardly ever advocate disposable products, for me the concept of reuse borders on a religion.  That being said, I've finally learned the joys of muffin papers :)  The muffins don't come out in half because they've stuck to the tin and they don't muck up each other in the bag when I freeze them!  Yay!  (These make a great addition to the Pineapple Sage Breakfast)

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