In Savannah we only use real butter!

I like to eat local food wherever I go, but I also prefer to eat healthy.   My mum even made a post on Tripadvisor asking for suggestions...  My 23-year-old daughter is interested in finding a place to eat that showcases a new take on traditional southern food. She's looking for fresh, modern, health-conscious food. But based on southern traditions. Any ideas? Thanks.  The response?  Traditional Southern cooking does not equal healthy. Any southern cuisine will be loaded with butter, salt, bacon drippings, etc. 
So although I did my best, I also had a week of deep fried, breaded everything!  Even vegetables such as "mess of greens" are slathered in butter or bacon fat.  My first day in Bluffton took care of the southern staples: BBQ pork, grits, hushpuppies, fried green tomatoes and after that I stuck to local seafood and rice (easily grown in the marshy Carolina bays).  
My favourite meals were She Crab Soup and Lowcountry Boil (shrimp, corn on the cob, sausage, potato) and in the afternoons a basket of crab dip with a melon colada from the Salty Dog Cafe.  Dad's "Sea Dog" with Hilton Head Kettle Chips wins the award for best looking meal.

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