sweater surgery neckwarmer

 I have a problem: not quite hoarding, but definite pack-rat-ism.  When I come across things that I love I hang onto them until I have a use for them or get time to remake them.  That's what happened with this ugly old lumpy Esprit sweater (not sure if it came via thrift or hand-me-down).  Despite being misshapen, disproportionate and huge it was made of a lovely textured large knit grey wool.  I separated the arms and front of the sweater, sitting them aside for a separate project (legwarmers and purse).  Then after cutting the remaining back panel of the sweater into a rectangle with (relatively) straight lines I sewed it into a tube using wool strands unravelled from the scrap cuttings.  It works so many different ways!  turtleneck, face wrap, hat, even a handwarmer!

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