on the note of librarians...

my on-the-go books: I seem to always have a few books on the go and right now is no different.  Along with The Book of Awesome which has taken up residence in my bathroom I'm also reading:

Thinking in Pictures: My Life with Autism by Temple Grandin
Risotto with Nettles: A Memoir with Food by Anna Del Conte
The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman

As I'm not too far into any of them I wont give any reviews just at the moment, except to say my mum (who gave me all 3 for Christmas) knows exactly what I love to read: creative, narrative non-fiction - communicating information, like a reporter, but shaped in a way that reads like fiction.  Or, if I'm going to read fantasy: I love magical realism - blending the real world and the fantastical one seamlessly within the grasp of possibility.

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