One of the coolest Christmas presents came from my brother @Stephen_Job and was only a week late, despite being shipped all the way from China!  My dear sibling found me a life-size, seemingly realistic "Cuplens" that looks exactly like a Canon 24 - 105mm zoomlens but is instead a medium sized travel mug complete with a petal hood lid!  All the details are perfect right down to the rubberized zoom rings, which don't turn but make a great grip.  Not into drinking things on the go?  This hollow lens makes a great container for all sorts of things: ashtray, change, pen holder...  Knowing how particular I am about plastics he tracked down one with a stainless steel interior (and the exterior is food grade plastic too) so I will most likely be using it for tea :)  When I'm done it tucks into its drawstring carrying case and into my backpack it goes.  Steve was even considerate enough to find a Canon one in a similar dimension to a lens I already own, so it blends right in with my collection. ee!!

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  1. That is awesome! I'll have to look into getting one in the future now that I have a Canon DSLR!